Yet Another Twisted Truth: (Miss X)

I was sitting on the stairs
With my eyes on the night sky
Focused on the stars
My hands on my cheeks
As I questioned someone up there
Whether I’ll ever get a cheek
Whether I’ll ever find her

Suddenly I heard some steps
As along came Miss X
Her face. . .
Seemed to have changed the night to day
Cause of the light
It seemed to be producing
Her lips. . .
Seemed to be inviting mine for a kiss
Her legs. . .
Seemed to be her beauty’s base

I then focused my eyes on her boobs
And tried to think of the part they play in her looks
And the goods
They were capable of delivering
Those thoughts. . . nearly made me lose my composure
And nearly gave my lust a closure

The scarf she had around her head
Had prevented me from seeing her hair
But I was satisfied by what I had seen in her
Miss X was arguably the perfect creation

Then from deep inside me, a small voice
Said I had been chosen amongst boys
I then sang bye-bye to lonely days
For I thought I had won the race
For I had her at my disposal

But my happiness was short-lived
When I realised that we lived not in the future
Cause a difference in culture
Still mattered
When I remembered that currently, race
Is still a case
Tears ran down my cheeks
As reality sank

As I realised how I lost
A person I never had
How I lost. . . Miss X

Originally Composed: 04-09 March 2006

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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