When a man changes face

The ordinary man is the basis and foundation of every man.

This kind of man is despised by many (and loved by a few). He is despised for his arrogance, self-centredness, ego-centric, dominance, insensitiveness, etc. He is also known to be an extreme alpha-male.

When you apply different kind of filters to this kind of man, based on characteristics and qualities. You get more admirable and adorable kinds of men. Your extra-ordinary man…exceptional man…great man…and so forth.

However, when the filter gets worn out, and starts operating sub-optimally… The underlying character begins to take over. It begins to show.

When the filter starts failing. The underlying, imprisoned and suppressed character breaks free. And those closer to the man begin acusing him of “changing”… They begin complaining that they don’t know who he is anymore. Whereas he, himself will begin to realize that he never was the person that he thought he was… Above all, he will realize that he is just a (typical) man…an ordinary man… He is just a man…

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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