Twisted Truth: Part VII (Closing Statement)

Well, I met this guy the other day
I met him waiting for the train
I was still in pain
For that morning, I had been diagnosed with AIDS
I realised that the guy was desperate
I felt it in his breathing rate
That he had lust for me
So I asked him when the next train was gonna be
He answered seven forty-five
And I gave him a smile

The train popped
When we were engaging in a small talk
It then came to a halt
And we inside it got
Only to be welcomed by empty coaches
Then I looked at him
And I could see he wanted me
I pulled him towards me
And we kissed

During the next twenty minutes
He was to tell me his name
And age
He was to have sex with me refuse
Cause we didn’t have protection
He was to stand by his word
I was to enjoy seeing him suffer
Just because we didn’t have rubber
I was to see him try so hard
To his erection suppress
To stay firm by his word
I was to witness him beat his desires
And ask me to myself pleasure
I was to witness him do the unexpected
By rejecting a naked woman
I was to witness him a man be

But then, when we got to our station
When we got to our final destination
He asked if I, at home, had protection
He asked if I still wanted from him, sexual satisfaction
I immediately answered yes, but that was for the second question
Though he thought the answer was for both his questions

When we got to my place
I slowed down the pace
I prepared something to eat and drink
Just to get the energy we were gonna need
We talked more, and he kept on drinking more
I think he was nervous, cause he hadn’t had sex before
He was scared of what was to come
Yet he wanted to do it

Then after some few more drinks
He gave me a kiss
He tore off my shirt
And kissed my breasts
He kissed me from lips to toes
And then unexpectedly stopped
Where’s the protection? he asked
I, his question masked
And I unbuttoned his jean
This time around he was too weak
To protest my action
To ask more questions on protection
And that’s how I realised
That this one I had won

Though he seemed drunk
We had the best sex of my life
Though he was a virgin
He seemed to know what he was doing
He seemed to know very well
How to satisfy a girl

Then the following day
When I brought him a breakfast tray
He claimed not to remember
How he got under my roof
He burnt with anger
When I told him we slept together
He became frustrated
When I added it was unprotected
He then got dressed
And left with no word

I used to think that AIDS was a death sentence
But what I saw yesterday
Has proved to me that death comes in many ways
It proved to me beyond doubt
That the other means of death

Are still equally valid to take you out
That guy
Was hit by a car
Just outside my house
It seems he was paying me a visit
And he didn’t make it
He died on the spot
I’m curious
If he knew he had the virus
If he knew I infected him
But in the end, him having the virus
Was to be of no difference
Since he was to die from an accident

(Originally Composed: 07h30 – 09h54 11 January 2007)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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