Twisted Truth: Part VI (Death Experience)

I couldn’t move a thing
I couldn’t move my eyelids
I couldn’t even blink
But I could still think
So I thought
How I myself in this position got

I heard them trying to my life save
I heard them ask my name
And telling me not to stop speaking
They kept on stupid questions, me asking
Just to keep me talking
When I fully realised what was happening
I stopped answering
Because I realised I was dying

I started to lose my sight
Though, wide open were my eyes
I started to lose the sounds
Though nothing had been done to my ears
I started to lose my life
I was slowly drifting
As I started to lose my rate of breathing

As if my memory was being downloaded
I everything I saw and did recalled
I remembered all good and sin I did
In an instant
I recalled my life in a moment
Indeed I was dying
Then I felt all emotions I ever felt
And the little pain I had been feeling,
Skyrocketed to reach its peak
It reached an all-time high
For what felt like a lifetime
But still I didn’t die

Then my other emotions, with pain, fused
And on what to feel, my body confused
They neutralised
And one another cancelled out
I knew I was on my way out
I knew I had lost
A fight I never to fight got

There were loads of things I hadn’t done
For I was dying young
I understood not why
That driver had to drink and drive
I understood not why
He risked our lives
I understood not why
That car had to hit me
I understood not why
It had to kill me

Though I have to acknowledge
That I knew I wouldn’t die of old age
But, ukuthi my death badge
Was not to come in a hospital bed
Was beyond my knowledge

As I asked myself these questions
And struggled to understand my situation
My heart stopped beating
My breathing stopped
And life out of me hopped
And that’s how I died
And all I remember
Is that in September
I was a victim of a drunken driver

Originally Composed: 15h15 – 16h00 10 Sunguti/January 2007

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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