Twisted Truth: Part V (Suicidal Thoughts)

I, on the floor, threw the cushion
And left the doctor’s office
Feeling like a dead man in a coffin
Though the doctor had said in more than one occasion
That being HIV was not a death sentence
I still felt death in my presence
I could literally smell it

The poor doctor
Tried to convince me that I was no goner
That I could still for many years live
As long as I take good care
He said having HIV/AIDS
Was no reason to start to my funeral prepare
But I still felt otherwise
I still felt like I was on a countdown
And I wanted someone to take with, down
I didn’t want to die alone
Just as that lady had to me, done
I wanted to with someone, die

As I headed home
I was still thinking whom
I should go down with
I was thinking who would, nothing suspect
As I her with HIV/AIDS infect
I was thinking of my next victim

I was running away from the real problem
Because I was not ready to face HIV/AIDS
I was not ready to learn about it, much
Other than that it is contained in blood
And some other body fluids
I was afraid to face my current state
Cause all I knew was that HIV/AIDS was a killer disease
It was killing people at a faster rate
And that made me scared
It made me fear death
That’s why I didn’t want to face it alone
That’s why I wanted to die with someone

The first person I wanted to take out
Was the one, who to me, HIV/AIDS brought
I wanted her off the face of the world
For saying about her health status, no word
When she me into her bed lured
For allowing between us copulation
Without protection
For infecting me deliberately
I wanted her out, desperately

Of all people, why me?
Why did she to me, seduce choose?
Why didn’t I put on my shoes?
And ran when I could?
Why did I choose my first time
To be at night
With a person I knew nothing about?
Why didn’t I resist the heat
Why did I take off my shirt
And got between the sheets
With a girl I hadn’t before seen?
With a perfect stranger?

Originally Composed: (09h30 10 Sunguti/January 2007- 10h27 10 Sunguti/January 2007)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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