Twisted Truth: Part III (The longest hour)

I couldn’t believe it
I’ve been responsible in the past
And now I just slipped once
By sleeping with a girl I knew nothing about
And cause of that, I may be on my way out
Cause life may be planning to give me a boot

I was shaking with fear
As I waited on the hospital bench
For my results of the HIV-test
I was trembling and sweating
As I waited to my fate hear
One thing for sure, I wanted out of here
I wanted some beer
To calm my nerves

Here I was, possibly HIV-positive
Contracting the virus
From a stranger
Whom I had with some sex I can’t even remember
Life is unfair
My first time was supposed to be special
Not suicidal
My first time was supposed to be a good story
It was supposed to be a good memory

My mind was still virgin
For I couldn’t remember the sex scenes
On the other hand, my body wasn’t
Cause it had done it
Dammit. . .
I was sick and tired of waiting

Then, open went the doctor’s door
And my name was called
And inside I was invited
For my test results were to be discussed
How could I have avoided all this?
I asked myself this question
As I held closer to me, the cushion
In the doctor’s office

(Originally Composed: 20 November 2006)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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