True Colours

Let me set the record straight
Let me not only talk
But also show you what’s in the box
Let me unveil
And reveal
My True Colours

Let me the truth peel
And tell you how I truly feel
Let me not out freak
But the truth break
Let me the truth produce
And my true colours introduce

To you I’m only a friend
To me that’s not grand

Let this not you shock
And don’t yet talk
Let me finish first
By talking the truth out of its nest
Let me my true colours outburst

I want our relationship
Or should I say friendship
On another level

Let me the truth disrobe
And maybe your heart rob
Let me with the truth your ears serve
And maybe I’ll you deserve

I want between us intimacy
Let it no longer be my alone fantasy
For I, you fancy

I love you
That I expose
You never thought of me in that way, I suppose
I need you in my life
To it a bit light
These are my true colours
I’ve been hiding them ever since we met

Allow me to call you sweetheart
When I say this part
My intention was never to be your friend only
I wanted you to around me feel cosy
I wanted to see in your eyes a sparkle
I wanted us to together problems tackle
My goal was, and still is to make you
My honeybee
To make you happy
To wrap your heart in a nappy
And make it tender and soft
My dream was, and still is to make you mine
These are beyond no doubt
My true colours

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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