The non-spiritual but essential attributes of a perfect union

1.       Companionship

A perfect relationship is one where your partner is your companion. Someone you relate to and can share with your deepest desires and mortifying moments, your craziest dreams and terrifying nightmares… basically anything, at any time, without the fear of rejection, resentment and judgement.

2.       Attraction

Another necessity for a perfect union is that there should exist between the two of you an immeasurable, indescribable, sexual desire that does not erode or fade away with time. Just the thought of your partner in compromising positions should send blood gushing and rushing to turn you on. The mental picture and memories of your partner should be sufficient to make you want to tear off their clothes and strip them naked as you get consumed by the desire to f@ck them.

These two qualities (Companionship and Attraction) ensure that a fertile foundation is there for love and a long-term communion to exist. The problem most of us are usually faced with is that the two qualities are seemingly mutually exclusive. They do not seem to co-exist within the same relationship.  The lack of (or disappearance of) one of these qualities in a relationship, condemns the relationship to failure… or does it?

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