The Greatest Lie Ever Told

As humans, as people, we have conceived and developed the concept of love. We have made love the foundation of all meaningful relationships between two potential mates. We have made it the glue that bind couples together. We have even extended it to be a necessary ingredient of blood relationships. But is love really as important as we make it to be? Does it even exist? What is this phenomenon?

Observing life in general…and not specifically the God-chosen life of humans, reveals a pattern, a pattern of reproduction, passing life from generation to generation. At this holistic view the old gets replaced with the young, the sole purpose of living seems to be to reproduce your replacement. At this high level view, the measure of success for a species is by its reproduction prowess. The species that cannot reproduce enough eventually dies out, and quickly becomes a distant memory and ultimately gets wiped off the history of books life.

But us, being humans, such explanation of life is too simple for us to fit into. It is too generic and it bundles together the intelligent and non-intelligent thereby making us feel non-special. Our egos wouldn’t allow for such an umbrella description of life to befit us as well. Hence an alternative explanation had to be crafted, one that would be tailored to us, and call us special amongst all life. One that would massage our egos, and elevate us to the very top of the food chain, our rightful place.

For this ascension to the top to be effective, we first had to come up with some rules of engagement. Engagement with each other, and engagement with the other species.  One of the rules we came up with was to vilify sex. The act itself became forbidden and sacred. A lot of preconditions were added that needed to be fulfilled prior to engaging in an act of sex.  As one of these preconditions, a sexual partner could no longer be just a random stranger to satisfy a sexual desire. Sexual partners now needed to be acquaintances drawn together by a higher order phenomenon. A spectacle greater than just the physical attraction. A marvel we named love.

And so love was conceived and planted firmly into our minds. It was then propagated from one generation to the next, no longer just as a precondition for mating, but as an entity on its own. It grew in importance and magnitude. It became central to our existence, so much so that we began to house it in the metaphorical heart.  Though some believe it is hosted in the actual heart. It became second nature, something that we ought to be born out of, something we ought to be born with and something we ought to be created to give.

Battles and wars have been fought for love. Empires and kingdoms have fallen for love. Boys and girls have fallen for love. Died at the peak of their youth for love not returned. Taken their own lives because they felt, thought and truly believed they could not live on, without their love being returned, by those girls and boys they had fallen for. Others were murdered and demonized for loving the same sex.

Certainly if the rest of the animal kingdom could comprehend this illusion that we have created, that we live for, that we are prepared to die for, surely they would laugh at our silliness. They would laugh at our stupidity in believing in something so abstract. Something that cannot be seen by the eyes, and cannot be touched by the hands, something that cannot be smelt by the nose, or heard by the ears. Something that cannot be savored by the tongue. Something so intangible. Something whose existence we never question, but take as a given…as a natural law…a natural phenomenon. Think about it, love might as well be, the greatest invention by our species… or just the greatest lie ever told. Think about this, next time you say out those words to your partner. Ask yourself, what is love…anyway?


Welliam Shezispeare

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