the best man’s speech

Can I please have everyone’s attention? I only have a few items to address, hence mine will not be too much waste of your time. Without delaying any further, let me jump into it. I have known this guy for…, as long as I can remember, and together we did things most of which I cannot even remember, and for those that I do, I am at no liberty to reveal.  I can however disclose that most of our adventures happened in Decembers.

I can confirm that this man has been hard at work, looking and searching for this woman that he just married today. There is no hotel he doesn’t know, no B&B he has never been to, and no guesthouse he is unfamiliar with. There is a few places he hasn’t visited. Ladies and gentleman, this man has been to all these places looking for this woman that he eventually found and married.

I can firmly affirm, that his was not an easy and short pursuit, in his quest to find her, this man has seen and did them thick and thin, curvaceous and slim, busty and plain, yellow and dark,  big and small, tall and short, smart and not, but all seemed to lack that quality that this man was looking for. The quality that he eventually found in her this woman that he eventually found and married.

<<<speech abruptly terminated by the newly weds>>>

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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