That fateful day

It could be the day you meet your partner.
Through a friend, at the mall, in a taxi, at school, it doesn’t really matter.
It could be at the happiest of circumstances (like at a wedding).
Or at the most boring circumstances (like in a boardroom, at a meeting)
Or it could be in a worst possible setting (like at a funeral)
Or it could be through a “randomly” fixed situation (like your friends trying to hook you up)
It doesn’t really matter
What matters is that it becomes a turning-point in your life
It becomes a day to remember.

That fateful day.
It could be the day you lose your virginity.
And clear up the conceptions and misconceptions you had surrounding that particular activity.
It could turn out great, exceeding all your thinkable expectations
Or it could turn out bad, not meeting your somewhat unreasonable expectations
Or it could turn out to be just okay, meaning meeting your reasonable and well-thought expectations.
It doesn’t really matter how the experience really turns out to be
What matters is that from that day onwards, your life will never be the same
That day would have been yet another turning point

That fateful day
The day your friend (boyfriend or girlfriend or just friend) let you down
It could be through a disappointment like not pitching up for something they were supposed to pitch for
Or it could be through a deception like seeing someone behind your back
Or it could involve materials like borrowing something and never giving it back
Or it could be your so called “platonic” friend making a move on you
The detail itself is of minor concern
What it guarantees though is that the landscape of how you relate will change
You will never look at them the same
That day becomes a turning point in your relationship.

(to be continued…)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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