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Twisted Truth: Part III (The longest hour)

I couldn’t believe it I’ve been responsible in the past And now I just slipped once By sleeping with a girl I knew nothing about And cause of that, I may be on my way out Cause life may be planning to give me a boot I was shaking with...


Another Twisted Truth

It was a hot day On a Monday I was sitting in front of a PC Trying to collect the pieces And compose poems When a girl sitting next to me Not even saying ”Excuse me!” Not first offering a greet Demanded that I give her a paper sheet I...


Twisted Truth Part I:(Temptations)

It was around seven-fifteen In the evening I was busy waiting at the train station For the next train to loxion When she appeared She was of average height Half white And in a white top Besides her I was the only one In platform one She came towards me...