Twisted Truth Part I:(Temptations)

It was around seven-fifteen
In the evening
I was busy waiting at the train station
For the next train to loxion
When she appeared
She was of average height
Half white
And in a white top

Besides her I was the only one
In platform one
She came towards me
And asked when the next train was gonna be
I answered seven forty-five
I trust you are right

She replied
Sitting by my right
She asked what my name was
I answered Shezi
Cheesy? . . . Cheesy, you have a girlfriend?
What? . . . this girl isn’t even my friend
I’ve known her a few minutes
But she’s jumping into my pockets

But the fact that she was a stranger
Made me sense no danger
In telling her the truth
As I was to my chest soothe
And the correct answer to her, give
The train, the main thing for the eve
Came unexpectedly
As we boarded it rapidly
We were welcomed by empty coaches
As the train began to move
I felt a bit alive
Cause the girl was pulling me to her side
By now I couldn’t my lust for her anymore hide

As my chest
Came against her breasts
My heart was beating at a faster rate
And I was busy thanking fate
Then her soft lips
Ripped open my lips
And we kissed
As the kissing happened
I could feel blood running from my toes to head
I then felt her hand
Searching for something in my pants
Something which by now was distinguishable from my other body

In my response
I targeted her most sensitive spot
I directed my fingers there
And the spot became wet
Then the train came to a halt
For red was the robot
She unbuttoned my shirt
And I pulled down her skirt
As fear in me began to gather
She begged me to go further
And I said STOP!

She asked how old I was
I replied twenty
She said Cheesy, let’s get dirty
I said NO!
She asked why not
Aren’t I hot?
I said I’ve known you for a short duration
And I don’t even have protection
I could see the frustration from her face
As she asked if I thought she had AIDS
I said NO but we must be protected from one another
’til we know the status of each other
She said I’m clean
I said that’s a claim
I can easily make

I added that if you are so serious
You won’t get furious
When I say we must get tested
I’m horny, she protested
I said stranger
Use your finger
To masturbate
She gave a nod
And balanced herself with a steel rod
The robot became green
As I became a dumping bin
For her clothes as she stripped naked

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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