I’m going…

I’ve been in a fight
With the almighty
I’ve been in fight
Which took away from me light
And left my eyes in the night

I’ve been in a battle
Which made me rattle
I’ve been in an already battle, lost
And the loss is at my cost
Because winning was my post
And I my post fulfilled, almost
But didn’t I, lost!

I can’t deal with the pressure
I can’t deal with the disappointed faces
At me back looking
That’s why I am a place there booking
And my future home, building
And this world leaving
I’m going…

I’ve realised that death I can’t dodge
That’s why I’m willing to get into the gorge
I’ve realised that there’s no better time
That’s why I wanna for the last time dine
And to everybody say bye
I’m going…

I’m going to the land of the nonliving
A land where it is of the past, living
I’m going to a land of the dead
Where there’s no good or bad
I’m going to a world
Where it is of no value, gold

Let me go first
Before death with thirst
Grab me by my shirt
I’m going…

Let me go to a world so silent
And please put in my grave violet
And say how I was, non-violent
And say how I was, caring
How loving
How kind,
I’m going…

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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