ilanga lishonile… lashona ilanga!

In the middle
of the day and unexpectedly so, the Sun has set,
The ever opportunistic darkness is prevailing…
Gaining momentum and confidence with every passing second
While my confidence is shaking and fading
As the darkness brings upon it fear…
Fear of what might lurk in the dark… Fear of the unknown!
ilanga lishonile… lashona ilanga!

Darkness is prevailing…
My eyes are wide open, but I can see nothing
My ears are listening attentively to the silence of the night hoping to hear something
So that I do not get caught unprepared

By whatever lurks in the dark
ilanga lishonile… lashona ilanga!

I am tempted to grab the nearest candle

To light it up and provide a temporal relief
However I am reminded that a candle can help me for a short period,
But it will die out in the middle of the night
When the dark is at its prime
And I will be worse off than where I started…
ilanga lishonile… lashona ilanga!

Also, I am reminded that I should be very careful with candles, left unattended; they can easily burn my house and everything in it down,
A few moments of relief can easily lead to my loss of everything…including my life…
A candle definitely cannot get me through this… I have to face this darkness, and live through it…
Knowing that in a few hours’ time, the Sun will rise again, and a new day will be upon me.
A day that will bring with it new beginnings
Kodwa okwamanje,
Ilanga lishonile…. lashona ilanga!

I will celebrate the evening so that I can appreciate the new day even more!
I will live through the night…for when the lights goes out, the mice come to play;-)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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