I like it!

Before you go
Let my tongue like a yo-yo
Up and down go
Give it a chance
To in my mouth dance
Let it adore you
Let it appreciate you
Let it start
Before we part

When you give me that sexy look
(The look that I can’t describe in a book)
It in my heart love cooks
And make my body cool
I become your fool
’Cause of you my thoughts, are full
So next time when you give it to me
Know that
I like it!

When you open your mouth and speak
I feel like I’ve reached of my life the peak
I become full of beans
And forget all my sins
Your words by me will not go into bins
But we’ll be stored in tins
And be forever kept in my heart
Know that when you talk
I like it!

When you at me smile
I feel like opening to you my file
And give you what I have in a pile
I forget of life the bile
And it fades the thought of walking a mile
And in my heart opens a river longer than the Nile
A river of Love, it makes me want to walk you down the aisle
Please know that when you smile
I like it!

When you say my name
I realize it’s not important, fame
As long as I’m known by you
And I also realize that being popular is not so cool too
When you say my surname
You my heart tame
And I in a sudden become lame
’Cause my love for you exceeds normal expectations
Please know that when you say my names
I like it!

When you with me walk
I become filled with pride
And suddenly wish you were my bride
I feel like telling everyone
That you are for me the only one
Whereas I haven’t told you
Please know that when we together walk
I like it!

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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