I confess!

Your honour
I’ll be of the truth donor
I’ll be no crook
And tell only the truth
I have done a prime
I should never see the light lime
I should spend the rest of my time
In jail
Your honour, I demand no bail
For I’m guilty as charged
Please, don’t drop my charges
Your honour,
I confess!

I’ve fell in love with my friend
That’s no trend
Love is my brand
But there I’ve it misused
Throwing me in a gaol will be no abuse
’Cause to doing the crime
I confess!

No need for a witness
For the sake of goodness
I have sinned
And should be pinned
And be killed
Because of taking advantage
And having to say this, the courage
I confess!

For loving my friend more
I’m willing to in prison snore
For loving my friend this much
I’m willing to miss my everyday home lunch
And eat with of prisoners a bunch
For seeing more than a friend
In my friend
I’m willing to die
So your honour, am I allowed saying to my family bye?
To falling in love with my friend
I confess!

I can’t my words back, take
For what I said is no mistake
Because the love I have is no fake
It is real
That’s why I can’t my mouth seal
That’s why I’m not of it sorry
But to take this out in a hurry
I have done wrong
Don’t keep me free for long
Give me a sentence
In everybody’s presence
I’m hoping for a death sentence
I confess!

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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