How Much Does it Take?

I was turning fifteen that year and already I wanted a girl.

“How much does it take to get one?” I asked myself.


One day while I was in the shopping centre I saw this girl. She had all the beauty and she was lovely and sexy too. Believe me it was love at first sight from my side. “Hi, my friends call me Quqa, you can call me Q.” I introduced myself. She didn’t even bother responding to my intro. She just smiled at me. That was the love of my life, I knew she was. So I followed her. She got into a Mercedes Benz where there was an old man waiting. When she got in the car started to move. I took down the car’s registration number.

“Who was that old man? Was he her father or something?” I wondered. The next day I was back at the shopping centre hoping to see and talk to the love of my life. I again saw her. She was coming out of the same car. I again approached her.

“Juice?” I said offering her an orange drink, but she just looked at me and walked away.

“How do I get through to her?” I asked myself. I was desperate to have a decent conversation with that girl, but she did not even bother telling me her name.

“How would I get her to talk to me?” I wondered.


The next day I waited for her again, but she did not show up.

“Hey you lady, what do you want? Please answer me. Would you please just talk to me?” I asked holding her soft hand the following day. She looked me eye to eye and smiled.

“Okay, want to hear what I want? I want to know you better, to be your friend and…” I started giving it to her straight but she interrupted.

“What? Why? You hardly know me, I am a total stranger to you.”

“Before I answer you questions, give me your name.”

“My name is…”

“Time to go!” the old man said by grabbing her by her hand and …


My Juliet was taken away before my eyes but I told myself that time was still on my side. By that night she was in my dreams, I dreamt of her hundred times a second. That day as usual passed. By the following day, I went to the shopping centre again to see the love of my life. The car came and the old man came out of it, with an old woman accompanying him. They went to the shopping centre and bought some clothing and got back to the car. Before the old man started to drive he called me. I ran towards the car.

“Are you the guy who was talking to the young lady yesterday?” He asked me.


His question was tricky because if I said yes maybe he was going to break my neck, and on the other hand maybe he was to give me something from the lady so if I said no I was going to lose out.

“Why do you ask?” I asked.

“Do not ask a question over one!” He replied.

“Who is that girl anyway?” I asked a question after a question.

“You, as a man can you tell me something. How much does it take for a girl to say yes to a man?” I continued.

“I guess it is you then!” He concluded.

“What do you want to do with it and why?”

“Well Mr… what’s your name anyway?”

“Quqa, but you can call me Q.”

“Well then, let me congratulate you Mr Q for winning the young lady’s heart! Can you please g…”

“What? How did it happen?” I interrupted.


Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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