Chapter Three – The Approach

After days of digging deep through some texts, searching and sifting through scriptures and reading blogs, and books on how to, amongst others, give my confidence a boost, and resuscitate my self-esteem, I felt I was ready to face my demons and approach the damsel of my dreams. I was a man with a plan, like a lion going for the kill. I repetitively thought and mentally relived all the most embarrassing moments of my life, through this process I realized that the worst that could happen with me approaching this lady, cannot beat the best humiliating moment I’ve ever had, nothing can. This realisation went a long way in the restoration of my self-reliance, just enough to tip over the balance…
As I walked towards her my heart was racing, my heartbeat deafening and I was sweating and hesitating. I asked myself in repetition, whether I had to continue doing this, or safely abandon my self-imposed mission. I reassured myself that failure was not an option, the famous quote came to mind, it was better to try and fail than fail to try. Such powerful words, were enough to give me the needed boost to get me to her desk, and when I arrived there, my eyes were involuntarily drawn to her chest. I was instantly out of breath, as I admired her breasts.

“Hey there”, I uttered, as I broke new ground, and shattered the awkward seconds of silence.
This was by far, the greatest proposal of my life. “You have a great smile, just thought I had to tell you that”, I continued, as my eyes locked with hers, in a battle of supremacy. “Thanks”, she replied, with a smile, albeit genuine but involuntary. Her eyes broke the lock and wandered off as she sized me up, in a matter of a fraction of a second, her assessment was complete, and her eyes locked with mine again. Now I had her interested, I had her where I wanted. I was now in charge of the situation, I could my heart jumping up and down in excitement. I redirected my eyes towards her lips, and automatically my lips fell apart to reveal fraction of my teeth, as I forced a smile and then slowly my lower lip, bit. “I’d like to get to know you better”, I said and paused, as I instinctively created an emergency in mind, “I would love to sit and chat further, but I have another matter to attend to, can I please have your number?”, I somehow managed to convincingly put that sentence together, and more so, I said it with the utmost confidence. My self-imposed emergency got to her, and she quickly grabbed a piece of paper and pen, and jotted down her number. “I’m Welliam, by the way”, I said, as she continued to write, she then supplemented her number with her name, and folded that piece of paper, stood up from her chair, and put it in my shirt’s pocket. She said no other word, and sat back on her chair and pretended to continue to work, as I steadily walked away, with a great smile on my face. This was by far the most honest (and surprisingly rewarding) approach I ever made towards a lady I so favourably fancy. In my twenty-something years of existence, this was the greatest approach, yet.

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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