Chapter One – The Stranger

I have seen her a couple of times. Sometimes at a distance, and other times nearer. To say she is beautiful would be a great injustice to how she truly looks. Truly speaking, no language in this world has a deep enough vocabulary to describe her perfect appearance. Every aspect of her body is in precise proportion. Perfection has a new name, a new face, and a new definition… In my perception, she embodies perfection, and anybody to dispute this would need their eyes examined and the flaws in their vision fixed.

Everytime I walk past her workstation, I throw my eyes in her direction, hoping to get some sort of informal invitation, and a warm but unspoken reception. However, everytime when she is about to look in my direction, a well-known, but unwelcomed emotion, results in a reflex action that sends my eyes away towards the direction of my motion, in an attempt to pretend that I was not looking at, where I probably more than anything, want to be looking. My heart begins pumping at an accelerated rate, resulting in accelerated motion in the direction of my walking.

This fearfulness and indecisiveness is a result of a battle that ensues between the two most powerful centres of power within me. The brain the centre of: thought, logic, and rationality; and the heart the centre of love. The brain, in a matter of fractions of a second, passes fierce criticism and harsh judgement, using well-preserved records of past unsuccessful endeavors, as proof. My confidence in that very instant is blown apart into an innumerable number of pieces. The heart, slowly brings to the table the prospect of more than a heavenly future with this woman, however, the heart is too late in its response, and by that time, I already have involuntarily walked away from her.

She is the subject of my attention, the object of my affection, it really is a no brainer that I am captured and tortured by these inexplicable and confusing emotions.

I do not even know her name, yet, but she is the greatest stranger I have ever met.

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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