Another Twisted Truth

It was a hot day
On a Monday
I was sitting in front of a PC
Trying to collect the pieces
And compose poems
When a girl sitting next to me
Not even saying ”Excuse me!”
Not first offering a greet
Demanded that I give her a paper sheet

I then set on her my sight
And I could tell she was about my height
I also realised that me and her had never formally met
She was of light complexion
Wearing the latest in fashion
She was an ace
With no smile from her face

I then took off my hat
And said what?
Girl, greet me first
She gave me a pat at the back
As I gave her a paper from my bag
She took the piece of paper
And wrote among some other stuff, her number
Ten minutes later
The lab door opened
And a man older than me entered
He approached the stranger
Who was still busy curving pen on paper
He gave her a mouth-watering kiss
On her cheek
Then demanded they leave
As he led the way
And took her away
I wanted to my hand raise
And a complaint voice
But realised she had the piece of paper left
By the table’s crest

Instead of only her number
I also found a small love letter
In that piece of paper
Her email address, was also an addressed matter
As I was reading the note
I tried to analyse the route
To where she wrote
We’ll at six o’clock in the evening
Be meeting

When I got at the place of the meeting
I found her eagerly waiting
I asked her what’s with the other guy, cooking
She put on her friends the blame
And asked my name
Mr Magnificent?
She in a nice accent
Confirmed what I had said
I in response nodded
And her name also asked
She raised her hand for a shake
And said she thought I was Shezi
I said that’s also me
She said hers was Kaybee

(Originally composed on: 21 and 22 November 2005)

Welliam Shezispeare

I put words together in a manner that will capture you, the reader.

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